• 12 feb 2015
  • Av

Rousseau and the Theatre: Political-Aesthetic Ideals and Practices

Från vänster: Per Mickwitz (vicerektor, Lunds universitet), Malin Broberg (rektor, Göteborgs universitet), Åsa Westlund (vice ordförande, riksdagens utbildningsutskott), Jenny Björkman (samverkansdirektör, Riksbankens jubileumsfond), Linus Salö (verksamhetsledare, Humtank), Lovisa Brännstedt (verksamhetsledare, Humtank).

Performing Premodernity wishes to challenge the traditional view of Jean-Jacques Rousseau within theatre research and performance studies. A number of prominent researchers from different disciplines and countries have been invited to offer their views on Rousseau as a theorist and practitioner of theatre.